10 Tips for a Better Selfie

Almost everyone has a selfie tucked away somewhere, and if you don’t- what are you waiting for? Selfies are a fun way to capture a quick moment. They have gone from a way to avoid asking someone to take your picture to a cultural phenomenon. Some people are more obsessed with selfies than others, but if you are ever caught in a selfie situation, we have an arsenal of tips to help you take the best shot.

Make it a Party

Taking a picture alone may feel and look a little awkward. Ask a friend to join in your moment to make the situation feel more natural.

Practice Makes Perfect

Check out other selfie masters on Instagram to see the poses they choose. You’ll find very few shots are taken straight-on. Try a slight head tilt; it will make your face look slimmer and your selfie more flattering.

Smooth it Out!

Your phone’s camera has the ability to pick up the fine details of your skin, so any fine lines in your face may seem more noticeable when taking a selfie. Make sure your skin is moisturized, and if you wear makeup, try using a cream blush or eyeshadow to maximize the suppleness of your skin. Don’t let a little rogue zit stop your selfie game, use a dab of cream or liquid concealer to camouflage any blemishes or dark spots.

Shake it Up!

Give your hair a little umph! For long hair, flip your head over, run your fingers through your hair and flip it back up. A little volume will go a long way.

Filters Aren’t Just for Coffee

Don’t feel guilty about using a filter for your selfie- that’s what they’re for! Some situations may not always provide the most flattering lighting, but that’s no reason to miss out on a selfie opportunity. Before you post, experiment with different filters to see what looks best.

So Fresh and So Clean

Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you have clean and appealing background. So many awesome shots are ruined by a messy background. And we are sure you don’t want to show the world your pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your room. Look for a less busy backdrop, without a lot of distractions, you want to focus on what really matters in the shot- you!

Enjoy Nature!

Indoor lightning can cast unflattering shadows that can make you scary or tired. Take advantage of time outdoors and take your best selfies with natural sunlight. Your skin and smile will look extra-bright.

Smile, Duckface, Repeat

Don’t stop at one, take a series of selfies in the same spot. Try different poses and faces. Get silly, then be serious. Give yourself plenty of shots to choose from, that way you will have a better opportunity to post a selfie that you love.

Angles are Everything

Head-on and a low angles are the least effective ways to take a good shot. Position your lens slightly higher than eye-level, and maybe off to one side of your face. Experiment with finding your good side and perfect angel. Keep your sweet spot in mind, and you will never have a bad selfie again.

Everything in Moderation

Selfie after selfie can get boring. Even though your adoring public can’t seem to get enough, don’t give them too much. Mix it up a bit; your social profiles should be a healthy combination of candids, landscapes, pets, and friends.

We all have good sides and better sides, so snap away, and your best selfie is yet to come!
Use these tips, and practice your poses. Remember, a great selfie will showcase your confidence.

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