Back to School: Dealing with Acne

You may be new to acne, or perhaps you have been dealing with it for years. Whatever your circumstances, don’t let your acne destroy your confidence. Heading back to school after summer vacation, may be the most challenging time of year for those with acne. The new school year comes along with seeing old friends and meeting new people, and you may not feel your best if you are breaking out. In many cases, others don’t even notice the zits you are obsessing over (chances are- they are obsessing over their own skin)! It may seem like a tall order, but try following these tips to boost your confidence and avoid feeling alienated when your skin has got you down.

female student w friends

  1. Don’t stare at that zit in the mirror.
  2. Don’t tell other people to look at it.
  3. Wear bright lipstick.
  4. Wear a crazy outfit.
  5. Remind yourself that no one else can see it.
  6. Don’t touch it! You will only make it more red!
  7. Be positive! That zit will heal soon- don’t let it ruin your day.
  8. Don’t let it hold you back, get out there and keep living your life.
  9. Don’t stress. Your skin knows when you are stressed.
  10. Flaunt what you got. Wear your favorite outfit, or buy a something new you love.
  11. Join an acne support group online.
  12. Hang out with people who make you feel good.
  13. Keep up your determination. Your skin is always regenerating and it WILL heal!
  14. Accept who are.
  15. Give someone else a compliment. Making someone else feel good, will make YOU feel good.
  16. Participate in a hobby you enjoy. Don’t let a zit or two get you down. Wash your face go for a run- you forget all about that zit!
  17. Stay busy! Read, run errands, get ahead on homework. Activities will take your mind off obsessing over your zits while they have time to clear.
  18. Don’t waste your time with haters- cause they’re gonna hate. Even if your skin is clear- they’re gonna hate.

Acne is a common issue and you are not alone when it comes to feeling less confident. For more tips, and a good chuckle, search for inspiring bloggers that share their experiences with acne.

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