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Zits: To Pop or Not to Pop?

When a pimple crops up, it’s usually at the most inconvenient time: before a dance, a job interview, a special holiday. Rather than face everyone with a seemingly enormous zit, you weigh your options, and the idea to pop that zit comes across your radar. But, before you take another step closer to the mirror, consider these reasons you may want to leave that zit alone. View image |   Cuts, Scabbing, Bruising Zits don’t always pop on the first try, and with repeated poking, and jabbing you’re bound to break or bruise the skin. A millimeter size pimple is much less noticeable than a larger, crusty, red scab, that will last over a week. Scars After a crusty, red scab is healed from a pimple-popping attempt, the skin will probably be left with a scar or hyper-pigmentation. Scars can take several months or even a year to fade. That original pimple would have only been around less than two weeks! Doesn’t sound so bad now, huh? More Pimples Pimples are filled with oil and bacteria. So when a zit is popped, that bacteria and oil oozes out, and spreads across your skin, leading to additional clogged pores and inflammation. Infection Popping a pimple, breaks the skin, creating an opening for bacteria to enter the body. Your skin can develop an infection and may require topical antibiotics from a doctor. Pain Pimples can be painful even without being touched. Now, imagine how much that pimple will hurt after being poked and irritated. Avoid the pain- leave that pimple alone! Harder to Cover The key to covering a pimple... read more

Do you need to Breakup with your Makeup?

Is your makeup hindering your skin from clearing up? You’ve probably heard at some point that wearing makeup is bad for your skin and causes breakouts. The average foundation alone can contain as many as 24 chemical ingredients- add that to your daily skin and haircare products- and you’ve got a lot of substances going on! View image |   Studies have shown that each day our bodies come in contact with hundreds of chemicals. A majority of chemical exposure comes from the health and beauty products we use on a daily basis, so knowing how to use these chemicals is vital to keeping your skin clear. Why do people say that makeup is bad for your skin? Many formulations of makeup contain heavy oils, which can get stuck in pores, causing inflammation. This inflammation may irritate current acne or kick-off the development of new pimples. Avoid trying several different types of makeup or products at once. This way you can easily recognize a new element that may be causing your skin to breakout. If you notice a pimple develop after adding something to your skin regime, stop using it ASAP! To avoid acne flare-ups from makeup, use products that are oil-free and fragrance-free. Also look for terms like hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. Like healthy food, healthy makeup should have an expiration date. Know when to throw away makeup. Look for the expiration date, or write the date of purchase right on your makeup, so you know its age. When foundation has a funny smell, thickens or becomes chunky- that is a sign that it is harboring bacteria. Powder... read more

10 Tips for a Better Selfie

Almost everyone has a selfie tucked away somewhere, and if you don’t- what are you waiting for? Selfies are a fun way to capture a quick moment. They have gone from a way to avoid asking someone to take your picture to a cultural phenomenon. Some people are more obsessed with selfies than others, but if you are ever caught in a selfie situation, we have an arsenal of tips to help you take the best shot. View image | Make it a Party Taking a picture alone may feel and look a little awkward. Ask a friend to join in your moment to make the situation feel more natural. Practice Makes Perfect Check out other selfie masters on Instagram to see the poses they choose. You’ll find very few shots are taken straight-on. Try a slight head tilt; it will make your face look slimmer and your selfie more flattering. Smooth it Out! Your phone’s camera has the ability to pick up the fine details of your skin, so any fine lines in your face may seem more noticeable when taking a selfie. Make sure your skin is moisturized, and if you wear makeup, try using a cream blush or eyeshadow to maximize the suppleness of your skin. Don’t let a little rogue zit stop your selfie game, use a dab of cream or liquid concealer to camouflage any blemishes or dark spots. Shake it Up! Give your hair a little umph! For long hair, flip your head over, run your fingers through your hair and flip it back up. A little volume will go a long... read more

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