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5 Naturally Awesome Home Remedies for Acne

You can’t rush clear skin with harsh and abrasive products. Those heavy duty products take no prisoners and dry the skin. See, the thing is- your skin needs just the right amount of oil to stay balanced and clear, and natural ingredients understand that balance. Check out these 5 natural remedies that some say, have worked wonders on their breakouts. View image | Honey Cleansing Gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of healthy, natural oils. Contains natural antibacterial and probiotic properties to reduce acne breakouts. Good for people with sensitive skin, rosacea, and eczema. Balances oil and leaves skin feeling supple. Less expensive than traditional drugstore facial cleansers. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner Apple cider vinegar contains gentle exfoliating acids. Calms existing acne and discourages new breakouts. Balances the skin’s pH. Reduces red marks, and treats acne on both your face and body. To make toner, Mix 1 part one part apple cider vinegar, with 2 parts water. Apply to skin with a cotton ball. Keep in mind this toner may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. Brewers Yeast Like the name implies, brewer’s yeast is used to make beer, but you won’t get drunk off these supplements. When taken orally, brewer’s yeast has been recognized in studies to help heal acne. Contains B-complex vitamins and protein, which helps sustain energy. Chromium and selenium aide in preventing cell damage, promoting healthier looking skin. Available in several forms, such a supplements, powders, liquid, and flakes. Brewer’s yeast may interact with some medications, so speak with your doctor before taking any new supplements or adding it... read more

Humidity and Acne

Warmer days are making a welcome return this time of year, but along with the added sunshine also comes an increase in the air’s humidity. Not only do the more humid conditions leave some feeling sluggish and sticky, but they also have the tendency to stimulate your skin’s oil production, and cause clogged pores and acne breakouts. Year-round you may find yourself in consistently humid situations, like working in a hot kitchen or breaking a sweat at the gym. You can prevent humidity related breakouts by making a few adjustments to your everyday skincare routine. View image | Wash your skin after you perspire. Avoid touching your skin with your fingers and wiping your face with your hands. Using your hands to wipe away sweat spreads oil and bacteria. Try blotting your skin with a clean tissue. You can also use an oil-absorbing, skin-blotting cosmetic paper, often sold in cosmetic stores. Use oil-free lotion and skin care products that won’t clog your pores and create acne. Stash a package of oil free cleanser wipes in your purse, desk, or gym bag, for easy cleansing on the go. Keep your hair away from your face with headbands and secure hair elastics. Sticky and sweaty hair spreads germs and oil. Always change out of your gym clothing or sweaty work clothes within 30 minutes after your workout or job. Your clothing can trap bacteria and oil that you don’t want sitting on your skin! Avoid wearing heavy makeup or creams while working out or if you know that you will be in a humid situation. It may sound counter intuitive,... read more

Fact or Fiction: Junk Food & Acne

Everyone knows junk food is not healthy, and for a long time there has been a media attack against my favorite food group of all time. Rumors that chocolate, pizza, and french fries are responsible for acne. Researchers continue study the link between foods we eat and the appearance of acne, and the jury is still out on some specifics, but before I give up eating my beloved chocolate cupcakes and pizza nearly everyday- I need some cold, hard facts about my favorite foods. View image | Chocolate Chocolate induced acne is probably the longest running urban myths of skin care. It’s not so much the cocoa (the actual essence of chocolate) but it is actually the sugar that is to blame. A diet high in sugar triggers your body to produce more insulin, which then ramps up your skin’s oil production, contributing to clogged pores and clogged hair follicles. Ehk! Now that we know it’s the sugar, be weary because sugar is hiding everywhere! Replace sweet snacks with something like carrots or cucumber slices. Try to avoid sugary drinks and instead drink water or naturally flavored, no sugar seltzer. Chocolate is ok to eat, but opt for a small piece of high quality, dark chocolate to appease your cravings. Pizza, Pasta, and Bread Ummmmm. That’s basically all I eat- so you’re telling me I can’t eat? These foods contain “simple carbohydrates”. Your body reacts the same way to simple carbohydrates as it does with sugar. Try to limit these items in your diet, instead of heading for chips, try a handful of almonds. Substitute starchy pasta with... read more

Tips to Cope with Stress

Everyday stress is a common fact of life, but the way we handle stress makes all the difference in daily well being. The side effects of stress are harmful and taxing on our bodies, and include, but are not limited to headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, illness, and depression. Some may develop rashes, or acne; and stress may even be responsible for sudden weight gain. With all these side effects, managing or reducing stress should be everyone’s top priority. Here are some tips for reducing your stress and finding tranquility. View image | Writing in a Journal Try to work through your stress by writing down what is hanging over your head. Writing down your thoughts provides an opportunity to explore and possibly determine the root cause of your stress. By exploring your emotions through writing you may discover a solution to anxiety and alleviate your stress. Create a To Do List Stress may come from a place of feeling overwhelmed. Create a to do list and prioritize tasks, this will help you visualize what needs to be done. A list provides the ability to cross tasks off as they are finished- leaving you with a sense of positive accomplishment. Meditating Find a quiet place to sit alone. You may want to close your eyes. Try to be as still as possible and pay close attention to your breath. Breathe in slowly through your nose, let your chest and lower belly rise and your abdomen expand. Focusing on your breath will take attention away from any negative thoughts and help you move away from stress. Exercising Breaking a... read more

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