Salicylic Acid: How Does it Work?

Salicylic acid, is an acid, just like the name implies. The mild version of salicylic acid used in products like ThatZit! help exfoliate away dead skin cells before they clog the pores and create acne breakouts. You can find salicylic acid in a variety of forms, including lotions, ointments, and facial toners.


Salicylic acid is great for giving your skin a healthy glow and busting through dead skin that can linger on the surface of your face, making your complexion look dull. And we love glowing skin, so that is why we use this little miracle acid.

Another great thing about salicylic acid is that it is nice and gentle, unlike some other more harsher acids out there. It works by softening the keratin, which is the outer layer of the skin, where rough, dead skin tends to collect.

Depending on what is being treated, different levels of salicylic acid may be more affective. The acid is available in strengths that range from the most gentle concentrations (0.5%) to very strong concentrations (up to 30%). For acne, concentrations are usually less than 2%, to protect delicate facial skin. Salicylic acid may also be used to demolish warts, the stronger concentrations are usually used for that sort of thing.

Some precautions to consider when using products with salicylic acid are as follows…

  • Now, since we are talking about acid, you want to keep this stuff away from the eye area- because- O-M-G- it will sting them eyes! If you do get salicylic acid in your eyes- rinse them out with cool water ASAP!
  • Keep it away from your mouth- it tastes awful, even a small quantity- and its not good to ingest.
  • Avoid areas where skin is broken or already irritated- it will just make the skin feel worse.
  • Salicylic acid will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Wear at least SPF 15 daily and avoid long days in bright sunshine- your skin will burn!
  • Listening to your skin! If repeated use of salicylic acid is causing flushing or burning- ease up! Try using your salicylic products as a spot treatment- only on breakout areas. Sometimes less is more, when using acne treatment products.
  • It is super rare and uncommon- but it is possible to get salicylic acid poisoning- so don’t over do it.
  • Stay away from other acne fighting chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, harsh soaps and topical retinoids when using salicylic acid. Too much product will irritate the skin.
  • If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, talk to you doctor about using salicylic acid and the risks.

Salicylic acid is amazing for clearing acne! If you haven’t tried it already- check out our product ThatZit! The combination of salicylic acid, active minerals, and nourishing, natural ingredients is unlike anything else- it will help your skin look clear and healthy! Let us know your experiences with ThatZit! or other salicylic acid products in the comments, on facebook, or tweet us! C’mon- I wanna know- just tell me! 🙂

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