Banish Acne! 10 Tips for Clearer Skin

If you have been struggling with acne for some time now, this post is for you. It’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to acne and hello to clearer, healthier skin.

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Okay… this may be easier said than done. While results take time, it is important to start somewhere. There are a number of tips and tricks that can help you to achieve the complexion you have always wanted. Let’s take a look at 10 tips that can help you banish acne.

#1: Keep your hands, fingers, and palms off your face! This is a bad habit that is hard to break, but trust us… it is an important one to conquer. Bacteria, germs, and dirt can make your skin problem much worse.

#2: Clean your cell phone at least once a week. All that chatting is fine, but having your face pressed against the phone is not good for your skin – especially your cheek and chin.

#3: Change your pillowcase at LEAST once per week. It is a bacteria breeding ground and if you don’t clean it, guess what you are lying face first in?

#4: Always wash your face at night. In fact, you may want to establish a nightly skin care routine.

#5: Dry your face with a soft t-shirt versus a towel. Truth be told, some towels may be too harsh on skin and could cause cuts. Bacteria can enter the body through these cuts.

#6: Got “bacne”? It may be your shampoo or conditioner that is causing it. Always make sure to rinse your hair completely. Once done, wash your back to ensure that no residue is left to clog pores.

#7: Try eliminating both sugar and dairy from your diet. This is a test to see if it affects your skin. Believe it or not, most people will notice a big difference!

#8: Exfoliate at least twice a week for a deep cleanse.

#9: Cystic pimples are the absolute worst. Take care of them by dabbing a spot treatment on them at night. This can help reduce the swelling and size.

#10: Drink your 8 glasses of water per day. This alone can have a huge impact on your skin.

As we have stated above… easier said than done! If you are looking for a solution, look no further than ThatZit! All Natural Acne Treatment. This one-step acne treatment system treats pimples of all kinds, from whiteheads to blackheads and everything in between.

Why let acne stand in the way of total confidence? Try ThatZit! today and enjoy the results.

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